Governance Structure

IT Executive Committee

This is the decision making body for approving and potentially funding IT projects.  It also provides high level oversight and reviews existing projects to ensure that they proceed consistent with defined scope, schedule, and budget.

IT Project Oversight

This body is advisory to executive governance on final development and review of potential projects. As part of this function, they provide key information about the efficacy of competing projects, evaluate alternatives, develop recommendations, and oversee the preparation and execution of project RFPs.

IT Partners – Academic, Functional, and Technical

Our IT Partners consist of three standing committees that represent key groups within the University.  Each committee provides insight and advice to the Vice President and Chief Information Officer on existing or proposed central IT initiatives that are relevant to the members’ role on campus. In this capacity, the committees also ensure alignment with existing and evolving community needs.

Project Teams

Project teams, consisting of technical and functional staff, will be assembled ad hoc for planning and implementing specific projects. Each project team will be supported by a project manager.